April Work Weekend

work weekend firewood 2Jim, Joan, Margaret and Andrea drove up from the bay area last Friday, to help us, again.  What a treat to have had them here!  Andrea’s work you can see to the right….  piles of firewood in camp, ready to be burned this summer.  It all came from the surrounding camp area, downed by a fierce wind this past November.  We’ve worked for weeks, hauling branches, piling, chipping, cutting, burning and mulching…. but we have just a few more touch-ups, and the grounds will be pristine!  Oh, there’s still poison oak…. but we’re hoping to get the llamas up there this spring.  Perhaps THEY will do a number on that dreaded scourge of western forests……

work weekend bottles of paintSign painting was on the agenda, as well.  30 signs in all.  Casey primed and painted the bases….  Zarya and I collected all the colors from our paint shed (and then took the rest to Kelly-Moore for recycling)…    work weekend sign paintingthe illustrative work was done by those pictured, Margaret, Andrea and Joan.  We had hoped to get them up on Sunday, but the Varathane played tricks on us.  They’ll be up by June, though.work weekend painted signs


Malanyon rented a BIG CHIPPER, and spent two days shoving Douglas Fir branches down its shoot….  creating enough mulch for Delilah, the cow’s stall, my Rose Garden, and even some for the beds in front of the dining room.  He’d love to spend at least a week or two each year chopping and grinding the unlimited manzanita, bay… and fir.  Always a need for chips!work weekend Malanyon and chipper

Sunday, we hiked the Garcey Creek Loop, rakes in hand all the way round!  Beautiful day!  The night before, we walked the same trail, taking in Cattail Lake, Sunrise Meadow and Hunting Camp, calling for Spotted Owls.work weekend twins raking  Heard no owls, of any kind, but did hear lots of frogs at Winter Lake, and occasional mewing from either Ginger or Maryann…. one of the orange kitties that joined us for the two hour adventure.

Just a bit of fungus along the way:work weekend orange fungus



Our last “Work Weekend” of this season will be May 16-18.  If all goes well, we’ll be focusing on widening the trail from camp to the lake (and perhaps putting up some new trail signs!)