Assistant Gardener

The Assistant Gardner works with the Head Gardner and other Assistant Gardeners to help create a beautiful vegetable garden, including flowers, herbs, ornamental gardens, and fruits. The ideal people will have experience, love hard work, long hours, and enjoy working with children as well as adults.

Emandal’s organic garden is about an acre and a half of annual vegetable and flower production. In addition we have fruit trees (apples, pears, peaches, walnuts, pomegranates, and persimmons), brambles (blackberries, red raspberries, and golden raspberries), and other fruits, herbs and veggies as part of the edible (and also ornamental) landscaping. The garden plays an important role in both our Family Camp/Private Group Rentals (Summer) and Field Trips (Spring) for not only the production of food, but also for educational purposes and property beautification.

Gardeners must have farm and garden experience. In addition, it is desired that s/he will have experience in crop planning, greenhouse management, planting and garden maintenance, harvesting and post-harvest needs, irrigation set up and repair, and composting. Also helpful is knowledge of pruning, perennials, lawn and garden equipment (tillers, weed wackers, mowers, chippers, etc.), food preservation, and flower arrangement. Experience working with school or tour groups, as well as individuals, is also helpful.

Main Responsibilities (in no particular order):

  • Annual vegetable and flower garden planning and implementation
  • Leading educational activites for guests of all ages including harvesting, shucking, pickle making, etc.
  • Maintenance of perennial areas, fruit trees, vegetable beds, and brambles including pruning, weeding and planting
  • Communicate with farm owner and kitchen staff concerning kitchen and business needs
  • Landscaping including lawn mowing, weed whacking, etc.
  • Winter duties will be split between the garden and facility operation and maintenance (including, but not limited to, animal care, projects, office support, etc.)


Minimum $225/week, plus room and board.

Tips during Family Camp/Groups.

Work Schedule

40 hours a week

Family Camp/Group schedule (late May-mid October): 5.5 days/week, weekends required,  schedule will vary

Dates of Employment

(1) Full Season Assistant Gardener: April–September/October–POSITION FILLED

Preference is given to applicants who can stay for this entire period, but we will still consider applications for shorter time periods. End date in particular may be flexible dependent on needs of the business and staff member.

Assistant Gardener Application 2015(PDF) 

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please download the application, complete it, and send it to us, along with your resume and a page describing your qualifications and reasons for wanting to work in this position at Emandal and EMAIL IT TO 

After reading all that’s on the website and you would like more specific information, please email us at

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