If you like the idea of working in the country away from the noise of the city, then Emandal might be right for you…

What is Emandal? Emandal is a family camp and guest ranch. Emandal is a place for people to come and relax, learn, explore, reunite with friends and family, and meet new people. Why do people come here to work? Emandal is a great place for people to come while pondering life’s choices. Working a season or two on the farm is ideal for transitioning from one experience to another…whether the end of school, between jobs, prior to graduate education, before a trip around the world, or while making decisions about a career change. What sorts of jobs are available? We have a variety of positions available beginning as early as January, others in February, and some in late May. End dates vary, but are usually late September-mid October. We operate as a guest facility and the work reflects this. We encourage people to stay more than one season so they can experience the farm’s life cycle. Benefits of living and working at Emandal:View from Inspiration Point Natural surroundings offer ample opportunities for getting out, exploring and learning – These include the Eel River, lots of hiking and biking trails on property and in the adjoining Mendocino National Forest, farm animals and a garden. Opportunity to meet lots of interesting people – both staff and guests from all over the world. Great food and housing – You are provided 3 delicious meals a day, and food for time off. All housing has access to a kitchen, private bedrooms and shared bathrooms.

Things to Consider:

  • Privacy can be an issue. When you are living and working with the same people in a small community, it is not always easy to find time to yourself. We encourage people to take advantage of varied schedules and the great outdoors.
  • Country Life. We are 30 minutes from the nearest town, and the road can be challenging at all times of year. If you do not have a car, you may be at the mercy of others to get to town. Also, we have no cell phone service and our access to the Internet is limited. We feel like the rewards outweigh the drawbacks, but it is something to really think about.
  • Dietary Restrictions. If you have severe dietary restrictions, communal meals may be challenging for you. Though we serve lots of veggies, there is not always a “veggie entrée” option, and many of our dishes contain dairy and gluten. This said, we use our own meat and dairy when possible.

Essential Expectations for all Emandal Employees:

  • Flexibility: easily adapt to ever-changing needs, duties and situations.
  • Effective Communication Skills: able to clearly and constructively communicate with coworkers, supervisors, and guests.
  • Successfully work as part of a team: able to relate to peers, accept supervision and guidance; proactively and responsibly problem-solve and take initiative; Satisfactory Physical Health: able to lift, unload and move up to 50 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is housing like? There is one staff housing area that we refer to as the “Staff Village”. In the village there is a common house (shared kitchen, movie room, phone room), a common bath house with laundry and outdoor shower, a 3 bedroom house, several single room cabins, tent cabins and storage container cabins.  Most are heated by wood stoves (except tents and storage containter cabins used in summer).   Some rooms are private while a few are shared.   The Staff Village also has a private yard with a campfire circle and a gloriously large laundry line (we line dry all of our laundry).
  • Will I have access to internet and phone? Staff have (limited) wi-fi access in the Staff Village provided you bring your own laptop or other device (there is no staff computer.)  There is  a staff phone in the Staff Village as well which offers free local and long distance calls within the US.
  • What is Emandal’s smoking policy? Emandal is a smoke free workplace. We do operate as an education and guest facility, and tobacco use doesn’t fit in to working in close proximity with guests.
  • What is Emandal’s visitor policy? Though we are happy for staff to have visitors, realize that it is not always possible due to program needs. We typically do not allow staff guests during our prime family camp season (June – August) unless they are participating in the family camp program (at a discounted rate)!   Usually with advance notice AND permission, we do allow staff visitors during September when we are only hosting weekend guests.
  • Can I bring my pet? Unfortunately, no…we’ve got quite a few of our own! We currently have 3 dogs,  several cats and of course, a number of livestock.

So…if all this sounds good to you, please read on about our application process:

We generally begin accepting and reviewing applications in the fall & winter for the following season.
 Please download the application for the job that interests you and send it, along with a cover letter and resume, to us via email.  Because we have folks working at other locations than the farm, it’s much easier to communicate via the internet.

International Applicants: We will gladly consider any international applicants, however, you must already have a current work visa (right to work in the United States). We cannot help you secure a work visa. Please let us know if you have any questions.

HIRING FOR 2016  —  We will post the 2016 applications in mid-November 2015, and begin accepting applications at that time.

Guest Relations Coordinator —  Job Description and Application HERE – POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED FOR 2015 SEASON

Seasonal Support Staff (11) — Job Description and Application HERE – ALL POSITIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED FOR 2015 SEASON

Gardeners (2) —- Job Description and Application HERE – POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED FOR 2015 SEASON

We are not accepting volunteers or interns this year. If you are looking for a farm internship program, consider Mendocino College’s Agricultural Internship Program. They are now accepting applications for internships with a diverse array of Lake and Mendocino County farmers and ranchers. All ages and skill levels are welcome in their program. While you do not need to be a current Mendocino College student, you do need to enroll in the internship class in order to participate. See their website for details.

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